Happy is he who is content

The contented poverty is also music, rich and discontent. Greece is famous words: contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty. Croplands, eclipse a litre, Guangsha 1000, night sleep seven feet. A full of Bazhen Jiuding, why? The seven ruler body with numerous households, Ann? Contentment, happiness also Travel Hong Kong.

I listed above, we can do? Poverty can be fun? When you hang by a thread when, how do you happy? When you are stretched in the moment, how do you happy? So a lot of people think: Juvedermwould rather sit in BMW car crying, not laughing on the bike. In a BMW car cry, can think: croplands, eclipse a litre, Guangsha 1000, night sleep seven feet. A need, why Bazhen Jiuding and so on and so forth. On the bike laugh giggle, laugh is not knowing why it is so natural, can be said to be helpless smile. So now when the mistress of many, seeking kept many people, this is not a shame, which is an equivalent exchange. I give you my youth, you give me your money, I give you my tender flesh, you give me what I need, enjoy, fair and reasonable, fair trade. The so-called laughter poor prostitute, karaoke rooms, karaoke girls their occupation shameful? Sell yourself, to earn their money, right? China's 1300000000 population, you let these surplus labor goes where to make money? Even if a job a monthly salary of 2000 yuan, which also has a certain degree, many can live, but to live a quality? The society which has several yearly salary one hundred and eighty thousand? The tip of the Pyramid people have how much? Tower under the people how to live a quality? In order to live quality, a lot of people willing to be mistress, when miss, when the little wife, this is no ground for blame, but also as unalterable principles, she needs a relatively high quality of life, dba2a02ek her parents also need a relatively good life, his brothers and sisters also needs a good life. By who? Only by slightly beauty of her Aveeno Baby.

I have seen such a person, basically come from remote areas, the helplessness of life that they have done some disgraceful occupation, not only to feed themselves, but also to raise a family. Can't raid homes and plunder houses, but not to rob a bank, and no diploma, what? What to do just do what the chant, after time be kept. A few years later, in her at the sight of her ever done that occupation sign, he completely off the hook, good woman. But the car, this time only to one time hk.premiumngifts.com.

A monthly salary of humble 's time, who is not contented, only the standard of living to a quality point is about one time. Don't listen to expert says, is to fool you. A person to live with dignity is rich and powerful, not the happy time, contentment is the fool, madman, pig. People without a point is reached when must not contented, must be satisfied to pursue, whether fame or life, only in this way, only you and the possession of wealth and status of the time, you will feel the day Gao Yundan, birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers, the joys of spring. The money will calm and relaxed, laughing at life, have the potential to the sun, the legendary swordsman .

Desire is the enemy of life, she is the source of your spirit, she is your pursuit of life force, she is the key to your success. Not to compete, removing the desire, in life you will drop into trough, in fame and wealth, you will not be able to calm and relaxed, day Gao yundan. Please do not believe that the content is better than riches, please do not meet ahead! People, after all is the higher animal. Do not meet will pursue, enterprising, can arrive at life in a picturesque happy land. Then you will really feel life is wonderful, the sky is so clear, how pleasant scenery, can finally be a life! So please remember content is not joy, contentment is stupid wretches, content will make you trapped at the bottom of the hell. Take out the spirit and strength, strive to break out, the clouds, march forward courageously! Fight it! Life is a struggle, life is a process of exploration and discovery, do not satisfy at the current situation, do not meet in contentment and joy. Qi Hexin.
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