Job seekers 10 unhealthy psychological

In the job search process, if do not know little interview skills, not to sell yourself, it is difficult to find the opportunity. Some job seekers blind blundering, " be frustrated "; some job seekers be anxious for success, even to curry favour with hiring managers, results run counter to one's desire. In fact, if the skill, good at thinking, can be in the job on the road to find the " shortcut ".

Shyness. In the job site lost the letter ran, faced with recruiters hesitating in speaking, flush with shame, such people uncomfortable employers appreciate.

Career psychology. " Influence ", think officer is the right path, sharpening his head into the " yamen " drill, the result is mostly bump head broken and bleeding.

Psychological dependence. Some college students lack the sense of independence, to go out and get a job like parents, classmates together, or a group of friends together for the same unit, hope each other, this not assertive graduates will only be the employer to abandon.

Psychological dependence. Do not hurry to find work, relationships between all day thinking about climbing which relatives and friends, take bit of money to "buy" position, so that the work will be difficult to do for a long time.

Indigenous psychology. Some of the students are reluctant to go out, but in the eyes of the " a mu 3 distribute land " employment; Serach jobs another some of undergraduate ascends love ark early, after graduation to stay behind with other same trenches and holding a party, have very hard so as.

Conservative psychology. The lack of competition consciousness, did not dare to meet the challenge, or holding modesty " Virtue " is not put, dare not show their strengths and characteristics, such person is not naturally employers favor.

Low mental. As contrary as conservative psychology, these people always feel intense competition, his inferior, then show the white feather, not of their own " plain code marks a price ", search " buyers " and " sell ". For some units, imparity agreement signed, brought the hidden danger for the future work.

Pessimistic psychology. Some people thought radical place everywhere, " cool", to go out and find work, here pay is low there pay is good, say to apply for a job to be your own boss, the job was not looking for it in debt.

Cheating psychology. Fake degree, fake certificates, false honor not to knock on the doors of the life-saving straw, fake it for long, but will only ruin your future.
by tablospy | 2013-01-21 11:10 | job