Shooting City River

Police say two men in a white Challenger boat drove down the Waikato River within the city's boundaries on Thursday afternoon, nu skin product allegedly shooting for ducks.

The Waikato River is lined with walkways and parks which are accessible to the public.

People also live along its banks.

Officers received three 111 calls on Thursday alerting them to the shooters and took off in their own boat, armed with their own rifles.

Police could not locate the boat, or the shooters, but say it's possible charges could be laid if they do.

"There are a number of walkways and parks above the river that could be accessed by members of the public let alone private sections and for anyone to be taking aim at something and firing without having taken this into consideration is considered to be acting in a fairly foolish manner nuskin," Senior Sergeant Dave Litton said.

Police are calling for the shooters to hand themselves in nuskin group.

They also want to hear from any members of the public who may have witnessed the shootings.

Ducks traditionally flock to the refuge of Lake Rotoroa in central Hamilton during the hunting season nu skin hk, which has been cut short this year because drought and avian botulism outbreaks have reduced duck numbers.
by tablospy | 2013-05-31 16:26 | Life