Let the tears flower in the heart

We learned from birth is crying, at that time, we are delighted to came into this world. Tears on my face, announce the arrival of our to the world; We howled, is the most beautiful surprise parents eyes.

Childhood, we are naughty kid, cheap ecig is a horse not tied to the heart of wild horses. We shuttle in the street, we ran in the hillside, we frolic in the river. Put all in the play, where also manage their own security? Then, broke his knee, scratch the skin, rub out of the blood and tears beads this intruder series of sets down the face. Because of the pain, because of injury, we release the tears, let them play in the face of unruliness. Tears, is what we show emotion, let others know how we feel.

Childhood and childhood, we love the tears on the face bloom, not afraid of others know inner thoughts. In trouble, also use tears to solve - scolded by the parents, see hands to wield, eyes a crowded, will shed tears, parents don't have the heart to, and survived a bullet; Homework is not complete, can't go home, a small mouth du, tears falling, teacher love, on the way home, laugh... Tears, has become our items, carry it.

The path of the grown up, also many, meet also complicates what goes wrong. On the way forward, bared his teeth in the way, and the stumbling block in the dark we fall... Standing in front of the crossroads, he in my heart, do not know how to take the next step. We asked her, the in the mind of road so wide, why in front of road more walk more narrow? Road full of thorns, stop the pace of our commitments. Tired, dragging a heavy feet, taking heart hit, stopped.

Looking around eyes, tears beginning to sneakingly, check also rise, as they bloom on the face. Such cry, deja vu, childhood often use trick. We are just walking, tears can't let the past stop. Tears, already is not everything, it became a joke. People say our incompetence, our weaknesses, DR REBORN with a smile. To solve the problem with tears of love, we become a loser. Because we let the tears on my face, we don't grow up.

Open on the face of tears, let we received coldly, self-respect was wounded. We begin to understand the growth, know the strength and endurance, tears, sometimes is worthless. The pride of the budding pat if there is no hell from reality to the sea, how can understand only to far away?

Let the tears in my heart blossom - we are wronged nu skin, we have been hurt, should not let others know. We want to make you want to cry impulse in the heart sink, leave to others only smile.

Let the tears in my heart blossom - all the setbacks have the solution, it is not terrible, terrible is we were defeated, it lose the confidence stand up. If we don't have confidence in myself, and who can give us hope?

Let the tears in my heart blossom - even if the front road full of thorns, with also want across the mountains through the rapids, find that the brightest stars in the night sky.

Let the tears in my heart, don't talk...
by tablospy | 2015-06-23 13:14